Online jewelry and accessories store:

Presentation of the Nacrelune store.

Our French online store , jewelry and accessories for women, is full of sparkling and elegant jewelry and accessories. Made from the most beautiful amethysts, peridots, emeralds and other various polished stones, these jewels are unique. There is also costume jewelry, which adapts to your look and will accompany you on all occasions. The jewelry is mostly handmade with high quality materials: amethysts, peridots, emeralds, opals, turquoise and other polished stones. Costume jewelry is unlike anything mundane. Make your choice with our unique and breathtaking store! Our products offer timeless beauty and understated luxury with one goal in mind, to satisfy you. Shopping is simple and delivery is fast. You have several payment methods, all secure.

Treat yourself to a touch of elegance and refinement with our Nacrelune products, made with love and precision by specialized craftsmen.

mother-of-pearl fantasy adornment

mother-of-pearl artisaat adornment

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